Tolerance class 2:

For working gauges. To set up indicating measuring devices. To check exact dimensions at the fixture construction.

Tolerance class 1:

For high accuracy requirements. As comparatively gauge block for the measuring room. For execution of particulary accurate measurements. To justify indicating measuring devices for testing accurate gauges.

Tolerance class 0:

For highest accuracy requirements. For use as primary standard in measuring laboratories and fine measuring rooms, in which other gauge blocks and exact measuring equipment are calibrated.

Tolerance class K:

As the highest factory standard, especially for calibration of the standards of subordinate measuring laboratories, e.g. of gauge blocks of underlying tolerance classes. On request, supplied with DKD calibration certificate, which shows the deviation from the gauge block for every final dimension.

Coefficient of linear expansion:

Steel: 11,5 x 10- 6 K- 1
Ceramic: 9,5 x 10- 6 K- 1