Water Jet Technology

Water Jet Cutting.

An accurate cutting process for any material!


Water jet cutting separates the material by a high pressure water jet. The jet’s pressure is up to 3,300 bar, its exit speed is up to 1,000 m/s. The material is hardly heated in the process, and its structure does not change. The high pressure also makes the water sterile (high pressure sterilisation).

Pure Water Cutting

In pure water cutting only the jet’s energy is utilised. The cutting performance is quite limited with hard material. With soft material, however, the die clearance can be narrowed down to 0.1 mm..

Abrasive Cutting

To increase the cutting performance, a so-called abrasive is added to the jet as a cutting aid. Only by adding such an abrasive (e. g. garnet or corundum) it is possible to cut harder material that cannot be separated by a pure water jet.

Insulating boards for tool making, steel, aluminium, brass, titanium, marble, granite, brick, foam, vulcanised rubber, leather, compounds, glass fibre reinforced plastic, glass, acrylic glass, PVC, acrylic, flake boards, carbon, etc.